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Atomic_Fae - "Sci-fi universe you most like to live in and why"

Sep. 30th, 2012 | 10:52 pm

But there's so many to choose from...
Well some would be out from the start.
Blade Runner - nope, it's a...unpleasant and polluted place, would be the nice way to put it.
Star Trek - maybe, though it's a bit too goody two shoes or being shot at all the time by the badguys to show why buckling down in the socialist ideal is the good thing to do.
Star Wars - I don't know as much as a lot of people about this reality, but it seems if you aren't a Jedi then it sucks and if you are, it probably still sucks.  There might well be some lovely places to live...but I guess they don't crop up as then the book film would be a bit boring.
Logan's Run - I'd already be dead
Firefly - boring or being shot at, or both one after the other
Dune - drugged up desert run by freaky ass weirdos (not sure which house I mean the most there)
UFO - year I was born, so it's outdated (shuddup, yes there is a reason I can remember when it was set) and not much different so not very enthralling
Battlestar Galattica - very dramatic, though mass death and for most people eaking out an exsistance in the bowls of an overcrowded and hungry freighter waiting to be blown up
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - is tempting, it has most of the upsides and fewer of the down
Stargate - tempting, though once again it's split between some awesome adventures for some and nothing different for most
SeaQuest DSV - see above
2001 Space Odessy - don't really see enough to judge
Alien(s) etc - yeah....no
Preditor - ditto
Misfits - this could be interesting, provided I got something power like and it didn't suck
Heroes - ditto
The Prisoner - is this sci-fi, i couldn't make my mind up, but no, not for me
Doctor Who - it's pretty much our reality, apart from for a few people, if i got to have time travel adventures I'd be tempted
Red Dwarf - I'd go stir crazy
Fringe - facinating to watch, not so much fun being inside
Moon Base Alpha - stir crazy thing again
The Tomorrow People - I always thought as a kid this would be fun
Ian M Banks - various, it's a bit too...controlled for my liking.  Controlled or deadly that is.
X-Men - in it's various form could be a fun one, though as Luke's MnM game showed, I'm a disater with super powers...least when I'm Loki
Marvel - this could be a fun one, I'd want to have something 'special' of course but not enough to be a big hitter.  Something fun but didn't make me a big shining target or responsible for saving humanity every 7 days.
Sandman - it's either the same or twisted disturingness...nah
Starship Troopers - nope
Quantum Leap - this has mostly less of the dire panic end of humanity and much smaller scale.  Though very lonely apart from Al, I mean he makes friends for a whole of what....a week at most?
Alphas - close enough to now so it's easy to get but with a fair sprinking of specials out there.  For as much as they tend to make the main cast outcasts something less dramatic could be fun.
Knight Rider - most people are bored, those with the right tech heads though have fun
Hitch-Hikers - theyre...alll...crazy!
Farscape - you dont' really see much of it, and that you do is a fair bit twisted
B5 - It does look like a fun one, but again, mass war against extremely powerful aliens and governments turning against their own people...not so much fun to live in.  though I wouldn't mind being a ranger
Lexx - that show always confused the heck out of me
Lost - actually most of that could be fun, but no, not with everything else it entails
Buffy / Angel - nah, not unless I get powers
Werehouse 13 - though some of this really annoyed me, I did love the idea of the items with a history / a story being powerful and it's interesting

Oh lord there's so many, each time I write one down I think of two more!

Okay, summarise it down.  I think...probably actually hmmm I'd go with ... B5, so long as i get something nifty and get to explore weird planets.

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Caerwiden - "Aliens"

Sep. 3rd, 2012 | 11:18 pm

Do you mean illegal immigrants or 'not of this world'?  That would be my first question.  I choose to think the later is the more interesting to waffle about.
Outer space /silly voice

Do I believe there is such thing as life on other planets...yes
Simple enough, we make one logical assumption and the answer has to be yes.  The logical assumption (or at least I see it as such) is Exsistance is Infinite.  Not the Universe is infiniate but Exsistance.  The difference being even if we got right to the edge of where there is matter from that big explosion a little while back you could pass beyond into whatever, but you would still exsist, you wouldn't blink out of exsistance.
Therefore if exsistance is infinite any possibility must happen infinite times.  The more likely obviously the more dense it happens but it would all happen.
And since our Universe exists then other have to since the probability of it being possible is greater than absolute zero.
And within that universe it is possible to have galaxies, and solar systems, and planets, and life.  So while not all of them will have, an infinte number will.

Do I think aliens visit earth?
Considering the scale of things I don't believe it.  Nor do I think they would limit visitations to only backwater drunks (okay so that's an exageration but still).

There's also the question somebody asked me once which was 'do you think aliens, if they exsister, could survive in Earth's ecosystem?' to which my answer was 'which one?'  'the life supporting one' 'like i said, which one?'
As far as I recall there are four seperate ecosystems on earth, I don't know the finer details of how seperate exactly but each has an energy cycle which so far as I know is indervidual.
There's the frozen salt lakes at the pole, the brine ones (think they're called cold seeps or dense seeps or something, basically due to seepage...hurr hurr seep.  I can't recall if they'd count as two different things) and the most obvious one being the hydrothermal vents.  An ecosystem needs a source of energy, in ours it's the sun, in the hydrothermal vents it's chemical.  The vents support chemosynthetic (I think it's called, I know I'm on the net but for these 'talk about' posts I think it's cheating to not just waffle on...look it up if you want to check).

Hmm so if we define 'alien' as 'not of our ecosystem' it means we have a load on Earth, which is kinda cool since we're fairly sure these ones don't have ray guns.

So yeah.


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(no subject)

Sep. 3rd, 2012 | 01:42 pm

Well, that weekend royally messed up my sleep pattern, though not as much as some have in the past. I got to sleep about 2ish this morning after all.

Also realised I can't remember dates and have partly booked up another weekend due to double booking.

People were mean OC :p most deliberately trolling, I do wonder how many partly believed what they said though. There were suggestions I was concealing a number of sharp and pointy things about my person, that the dear nun was a dominatrix stripper on the run from something, that she was going to be a deviant, a murderess, a sociopath. All sorts of things.

I don't play that many twisted characters do I?


So feedback, this is partly for my benefit as my memory is...thingy...not erm...yeah anyway.

I don't like doing these before I have a chance to recover post event as a bit of distance and sleep is always handy.

Weekend waffleCollapse )

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For better or worse

Aug. 22nd, 2012 | 08:34 am

Well I've done the ones asked of me...any more for any more?

"Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it."

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Lucrecia - "Write about the happiest you've ever been :)"

Aug. 19th, 2012 | 12:50 am

That's an oddly hard question.  To be frank I'm generally happy or at worst content (or a bit bored).  I can think of various times when (though it didn't twig so much at the time as I was too busy doing it) when I was particually happy.
Loosing myself in woods, finding an abandomed hospital in thick fog (was very creepy too), spending time with friends etc etc.
Though now I'm dragging up memories I can recall one of the favourite things we did as a kid.
For a number of years when I was around 10ish age bracket I think, we had a boat called Sarala.  She was a Snapdragon 747, which is a twin keel, sleeps 6 style boat.
For sake of completeness here's a pic though it's not of ours, none of those are in electronic format I know of.  In fact if you're really curious there's one for sale here.

Me and Billy would sleep at the bow, pretty much under that hatch you can see.  One of my favourite choices of destination on it was on the Isle of Wight (this is also the holidays where one of the best / worst jokes my dad ever told me and I repeat too often comes from "What's brown and comes steaming out of cows?  The Isle of Wight ferry").
Details kind of went over my head (really should ask the folks at some point) however I mostly remember we'd sail it up from Portsmouth harbour where she was usually moored to this place.  That it was a flat sandy beach on one side of this finger of land jutting into the sea where we'd moor up.  If the tide was in you either used the tender or jumped in and swam, if it was out it was a case of climb down and walk.  There was woods / trees up the centre and then on the other side it was solid rock / rocks covered with limpets which you could knock off, put in a net and watch fish just swim into the net.  The size was limited by how big a fish you could lift up in the net without them falling out.  I can remember days spent either catchign shrimp on the beech, climbing in the trees or rocks or fishing with nets.  There were other people about but not many, there was a small town where this finger of land hit the mainland but I was always too busy to go exploring.

There was the addition of 'pirate ship' where I'd go swab the decks, or Swissfamily Robinson etc going on in my head half the time but generally it actually was quiet Swallows and Amazons except with my parents too.

I loved those holidays.

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Mew - "Talk about your music and film tastes."

Aug. 19th, 2012 | 12:25 am

Music first
I'm not a very audio based person so generally if I listen to music (as opposed to watching something with a sound track) it'll be for a specific reason and therefore aim at meeting that.
For instance I might well listen to the Dragon CD on the way to an event.
Most of what I listen to is stuff you can sing along to (at least insde my head) and laugh, or it'll be in the background and I won't conciously hear it (like classical stuff when driving long distance) but will give variation to an otherwise somewhat hypnotic drive.
Monkey Bucket I listen to, classical (I do love the Planets at times), Jonathan Coulton, soundtracks to films I liked, Flanders and Swann.
I just don't listen to enough to give anything more general.

Films now.
Generally I like most films, but also generally I don't like romance and I don't like slapstick.
I do like films which thought has gone into, ones where there's more going on or are obviously done with attention.  I like good stories and good characters and usually something blowing up.
I hate Mr Bean but love Johnny English for instance.
One of my favourites to think about atm and I've only seen it once (I don't often re-watch things) is The Butterfly Effect which I caught wholly by accident.  I liked the concept, I thought they used it in an interesting way, none of the characters seemed like they were cut from paper and it got me thinking about things.

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Foo - "Tell us about your morality and ethics!"

Aug. 19th, 2012 | 12:17 am

I don't have any

I'm even half serious here

The problem with set moral or ethical codes is really they need to be assessed for each and every situtation.  Lets take a few examples;
Stealing - Robin Hood
Killing - Euthanasia, Self-Defence, Abortion (they open up whole cans of their own)
Free will to make your own choices - mental illness, dementia, age, mental disability
There's even some more complex but equally obvious ones like;
Don't force your beliefs of how to act onto others.
Usually when this is said people picture the religious and other fantatics but consider this.  The law is simply put an idea of how you should behave, if you don't, and you're caught, you go to prison to try and enforce correct procedure.  Or even more close to home, the potential for a spoilt child.

There's a lot of questions which could be asked like 'do I believe people have the right to ... ' which is usually answered by 'yes, but...'

In a lot of cases I think people should keep their own noses out of things they don't, but that's another topic.

Perhaps it's more a question of 'what would you give up for others', it's a selfish / selflessness question.
Last weekend I (along with others) helped some friends move house.  To do this I gave up my time, some of the skin off the top of my foot, and the chance to spend longer at a party (though admittedly I only knew one of those ahead of time).
Is that part of an ethical / moral code, to help others in need.  Yes.  It's a question of how far.

I'm not a selfless person, in fact I'd probably consider myself quiet selfish I guess and in this case I gave up very little to 'I hope' help a lot, plus I got fed Chinese.  It's not a quid pro quo but should I need to in the future I could ask for a favour back and not feel like I was taking advantage (well I might but it depends on how funny something is).  It's like the reverse of 'one upmanship' which ends up with fueds blowing out of proportion.

Do I have morality and ethics.
Well yes, I guess I do but as a rule they aren't hard and fast beyond 'lend others a hand, be happy, keep life simple' I guess and that's only if I have to put them into words and then they're more guidelines.

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Mish - "Your definition of 'family'"

Aug. 18th, 2012 | 09:57 pm

This is probably going to be a short one.

Family are the people to whom you have a personal connection and wish well.
You may not see them often, you may end up having 'discussions' more times than not when you do but in the end it's people you care about.

This might mean that you end up with those you're genetically related to not counting (I'm fortunatly not in this boat) and a whole bunch of people who are family by choice.
I have three groups of family I guess if I sit and think about it; immediate blood family of parents and brother, extended blood family of 1 uncle, 2 aunts and 2 cousins, then there's the friends I have made, some I see nearly every day and some I see about 4 times a year or less.  They are people who I'm happy when they have good things happen and sad and wonder if / how I can help if there's bad.
That's less of the definition than the categorisation but still.  These are the people I might cry over (admittedly only one person has made me cry since I was 16, though it's either directly or by being a bit too close to the mark made it happened 4 times now) and the people whom I've lost sleep / actually wound up getting stressed from worrying about (this time it's two people).
They're also the people who have made me feel proud, comfortable, cared for, loved, secure and able to be myself (mostly) around.

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Length may vary

Aug. 16th, 2012 | 08:24 am

"Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it."

I dare you, and then post the meme yourself. If you can't think of anything to ask me about, just post it on your own blog.

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Question for those who know the Old Farshores characters

Apr. 3rd, 2012 | 11:29 pm

If you had a chess-set made up of non-current Far Shores characters who would be what?  Or what would be who?
For instance I'm debating if Cyione would be a queen for raw power or knight for sneaky up close and personal attention.

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